Many wine tourists have wondered why wineries make Woodinville home when there are practically no vineyards here. In short, Chateau Ste Michelle, the state’s oldest running winery, made Woodinville home back in the 70’s. Other wineries followed suit. Columbia Winery, historically one of Ste Michelle’s biggest competitors, moved in directly across the street. Until recently, there were only a few boutique wineries in Woodinville, now the number has grown to over 90.

Woodinville is home to many high-end wineries producing much sought after, premium red and white wine such as DeLille Cellars and Betz Family Winery. It has a rural charm that provides a “wine aesthetic” and is close enough to Seattle/Bellevue to easily draw large numbers of people. With people, come world-class restaurants and hotels, establishing a bona fide tourist destination. There is such a variety of wineries in Woodinville, that there is something for everyone and more than enough to keep locals coming back multiple times without visiting the same winery twice.

Located in Western Washington, there is quite a concentration of about 90 wineries in this suburban city 18 miles NE of Seattle. Most have regular business hours. You will find wineries of every size and grandeur in Woodinville and it’s an easy drive, Uber or Lyft ride from Seattle. There are plenty of places to dine and stay overnight for the world-class traveler. Plan about a 30 minute drive from downtown Seattle.