Rattlesnake Hills AVA and winery touring region runs along the Rattlesnake Hills and sits within the Yakima Valley. Zillah, Sunnyside and Grandview offer a cluster of wineries within close proximity.

In Eastern Washington. Zillah is the main home to the 15 wineries of theĀ Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail. There are more wineries in Zillah that do not officially belong to the association, but are within the AVA boundaries (Sheridan Vineyard, Agate Field Vineyard, etc.)- they are listed within the Yakima Valley. The Yakima Valley includes Rattlesnake Hills AVA, where there are dozens of wineries in this region that hold regular hours, most of which are off of exits 50 & 52 of I-82. Plan about 2.5 hours from Seattle to Zillah.