Puget Sound is a large area with clusters of wineries in the Olympic Peninsula, Islands, Seattle, Woodinville, Snohomish County and South Puget Sound. Due to the size of the region, it would be impossible to tour this entire region in one day. Because there is a concentration of wineries in Seattle and Woodinville, they are each given their own category and not included here.

There area a few approaches to the Olympic Peninsula from the Seattle side which may or may not include a ferry ride. They are all long enough that I recommend staying overnight on the peninsula for this tour.  This is one of the most scenic and relaxing winery tours. The ferry ride gives you a completely different perspective than driving in Eastern Washington and the atmosphere is more casual and relaxing. There are 6 wineries that call the Olympic Peninsula their home and are mostly concentrated in Port Angeles and Port Townsend. It may be possible for you to include a stop at an island winery (Bainbridge Island Winery or Whidbey Island Winery & Vineyard) on the way to or from the peninsula.

The islands of the Puget Sound that have wineries include Whidbey, San Juan, Bainbridge and Lopez.  From Seattle a ferry ride is required to all, however Whidbey and Bainbridge Islands can be accessed via car from other points. Bainbridge Island has 6 wineries, 3 within walking distance of the ferry terminal (hint: Seattleites can walk on the ferry in Seattle and visit 3 tasting rooms without driving). Whidbey Island has one winery and GreenBanks Farm that features wines from all over the Puget Sound. Lopez and San Juan Islands have one winery each.

Whatcom County offers 9 wineries to tour in and around the Bellingham area (about 2 hours north of Seattle).  These wineries focus on wines made from grapes sourced from both the Puget Sound and Yakima Valley.

The South Puget Sound is home to over 20 wineries, many open by appointment only. This winery region is not really set up for wine touring in the traditional sense. The wineries are spread out over a large area and some are bonded wineries within the winemakers house. This area reaches from Tacoma to Centralia, Olympia north to Shelton and Hoodsport.

In Western Washington. The Puget Sound AVA covers a lot of ground. You can head North to Whatcom County and visit wineries around Bellingham (about 2 hours drive from Seattle), or you can visit the wineries on the San Juan Islands (a ferry ride may be required). There is also a collection of wineries on the Olympic Peninsula from Centralia all the way up to Port Angeles (you can drive from Seattle or take a ferry over). Seattle and Woodinville are included in the Puget Sound AVA, but because there is such a concentration of wineries in these areas, and most of these wineries do not source their grapes from this AVA, they are posted separately.