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So, you’ve decided to gather a friend or two and strike out to Washington wine country? Now, the big question is “what should I wear on a wine tour?”

I think I’ve heard it a million times…you can wear anything in Washington and go anywhere. I think that definitely applies when visiting the wineries of Washington State. But, does that mean you should? I my opinion, you should wear something that makes you feel comfortable. In other words, if you have never worn heels in your life, don’t start now.

If you’re anything like my girlfriends, you will want to show up in style. My friend Rebecca Luke, who is a personal stylist, says “if you’re gonna show up, SHOW UP!”  For her, this includes the use of accessories- lots of them!

Here are a few tips on attire that can apply to most people on a winery tour:

  • Do not wear perfume.
  • Planning a vineyard tour? Do not wear heels.
  • Do dress in layers, especially in the summer. It may be 90+ outside, but a winery has to maintain an inside temperature that keeps the wine from spoiling, which may be a bit cool for you.
  • Wear colors and fabrics that can recover from a red wine stain.
  • Wear comfortable shoes- you will be standing at most wineries.

It may be helpful to match your outfit to the wineries you visit. If you are heading to the grand opening of a fancy winery, dress for that occasion, even if going to other, more casual wineries. If you’re going to stomp grapes, you might want to dress more casually.

For men jeans, khaki’s or slacks are great. Again, it’s whatever you feel comfortable in and where you’re going.  If it’s your style to worry about fashion, then do so. If not, you will be welcomed to any winery with open arms. Whatever you end up wearing, have fun and enjoy!

Visit our Wine Touring Tips page for more information on what to do on a winery tour. Never been on a winery tour? Visit our Plan A Wine Tour page for help planning your visit to Washington wine country.

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