There are several factors to a successful winery tour;

  • What atmosphere do you prefer? Friendly or Grand?
  • What kind of wines are you interested in? Bold, rich reds or light, fruity whites?
  • What type of wines are you looking to purchase? Affordable table wines or rare bottles for special occasions?
  • What is the goal of your group? Serious collecting or to learn a little and have a good time?
  • And not unimportantly, how long do you want to spend in the car?

The answers to these questions and our valuable experience gained over years of tours for thousands of enthusiasts to hundreds of Washington wineries, can make the difference in planning an enjoyable tour custom made for you.

Visit our Plan A Wine Tour page to get started. Our Wine Touring Tips may also be very helpful if you do not have much experience in planning tours.

If you are more familiar with Washington wine country or are a seasoned wine tourist, try beginning with the Winery Regions page to explore a part of the state you may not yet have visited.

Regardless of your touring experience, make sure to check out the Washington Wine Tours Blog for the latest news on winery touring.

All our information is for reference only. Be sure to contact your preferred winery so you can verify information directly. Have fun touring and be safe!