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Ward Johnson Winery

Charlie Johnson is a superb winemaker, and a great conversationalist. I drop in of a Saturday afternoon and he’s there, pouring and engaging the tasters in gentile, lively conversation. Charlie Johnson has been in the area for a long time and his knowledge of the regional scene is deep and broad – he even knew about a wine making group I used to belong to many years ago. They have Paint Night 3 nights a week.


The place is casual, welcoming; like going over to your favorite uncle’s house. Charlie is not casual about your tasting experience.  When he goes from the whites to the reds, he changes your glass, to optimize the taste – don’t see that at many wineries. And those wines! Ward Johnson produces 750 – 900 cases a year. Many of the vintages are sold out – the math on this is easy; the wines are outstanding and keep rewarding you for drinking them. And it’s right here in town at 1445 Elliott Avenue W., Seattle, WA 98119.   Reward yourself.

Spring Barrel Tasting – Yakima

Laura LoPresti, owner of this site, took her old pops to Yakima, WA (east of the mountains) for the Wine Yakima Valley’s Spring Barrel Tasting last week.

This celebration of Eastern Washington Wine Makers takes place in four regions: Yakima, Zillah, Prosser, and Red Mountain Wine Communities.
You get a booklet Pass listing participating wineries listed by area, we only got to 9 of the 42 listed. Some were right in town,
and some were out in the countryside, usually atop a hill with a commanding view, which are found only after driving down several sparsely
populated roads.

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SODO Urban Works

The wine industry is blossoming in South Seattle, and it’s really classing up the joint. Last month we visited some of the wineries on the “South Seattle Urban Wineries” guide. Yesterday, we traveled down 1st Ave. S. just past the West Seattle Bridge, among the marble slab purveyors, to SODO Urban Works, 3849 – 1st. Ave. S. 98134 – a small industrial suite of warehouses. From the street at a glance you’d never guess it’s an oasis of good wining and dining. Here you can often talk directly with the winemaker, get excellent suggestions for wine-food pairings, wine choices  for different entertaining events, and buy local, handcrafted Washington wines, many made in Seattle, for your holiday entertaining. Tell ya what: I think that’s pretty damn good.

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Thanksgiving Last Minute

Lots of our wonderful artisan wineries are having specials for the Thanksgiving celebration, you can still take advantage: here are three:
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Columbia Gorge Wine- Day 2

After a wonderful night’s rest in Hood River, I woke up and confirmed my appointment with Faye at White Salmon winery for 2 in the afternoon. I was determined to go to as many wineries as possible before our meeting. There are three bridge crossings over the river in the 40 miles of Columbia Gorge wine territory. The Hood River Bridge is very convenient when staying in Hood River, but it is a 1-dollar toll. To visit Maryhill, Waving Tree and the wineries farther East the Biggs Junction bridge is very convenient, and for everything in between (or when staying in The Dalles) The Dalles Bridge is not only a wonderful selection, but has remarkable views of Mount Hood in the distance.
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Columbia Gorge Wine- Day 1

Family, Community, and Heritage are three common themes that can be found at each of the diverse Columbia Gorge wineries in Washington State. High quality wines are produced in an anything-but pretentious atmosphere. Italian, Rhone, and even a couple Alsatian and Burgundy  varietals are perfectly paired with breath taking vistas, local history and all around good people.

Day One:
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Red Wine and Relax on Bainbridge Island

The perfect remedy for the heat of the summer blues: a trip across the Sound and a little red wine tasting to unwind and relax. Boarding a Washington ferry is always a good reminder of just how close an island escape is for those of us who are lucky enough to call the Pacific Northwest home. There is no planning required. Well, ok, checking the ferry schedule for the next departure is a good idea, but the beautiful Bainbridge island really is an impulse and a $7 ticket away! Wake-up on a hot summer weekend, head over solo or with a like-minded, spur-of-the moment friend in tow and you have the makings for a wonderful wine tasting day trip.
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South Seattle Artisan Winery Tour

South Seattle, once known as the industrial hub of the city, is now gaining notoriety for something much more glamorous- wine! You’ve probably passed close by a winery in the South Seattle area and not even known about it. Ever taken the Michigan Street exit off of I-5? You’ve driven by Fall Line winery! Ever been to Safeco Field? Yep- more wineries.

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Tacoma Wine Tasting

Everyday I hear of another cool thing going on in T-Town. So when a friend asked me to meet her at the Tacoma Wine Merchants and Enoteca in old town Tacoma, I thought… why not make a visit to a few wineries in town?

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Wine Tour Attire

So, you’ve decided to gather a friend or two and strike out to Washington wine country? Now, the big question is “what should I wear to a wine tour?”

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