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Walla Walla

Walla Walla is my favorite place to visit for wine tasting. Everything comes together here- great wineries, vineyards, world-class hotels and restaurants and beautiful scenery.

Established in 1984, the Walla Walla Valley AVA has a rich history of wine grape growing by the immigrants who seattled this area.  Walla Walla was once the largest city in the Washington territory so plantings go back to the 1800's.  Early wine pioneers such as Leonetti, Woodward Canyon and L'Ecole No 41 put Washington on the wine map. Despite a rich history, this area only has about 1,600 acres of vineyard due to the threat of "freeze events".  Historically, wineries established in Walla Walla sourced their wine grapes from the Yakima and Columbia Valleys, but that is changing as growing practices improve. In fact, now Walla Walla is on the forefront of sustainable wine grape growing.

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Abeja, Walla Walla

Adamant Cellars, Walla Walla

Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Walla Walla, Woodinville

aMaurice Cellars, Walla Walla

Amavi Cellars, Walla Walla

Ash Hollow, Walla Walla

Basel Cellars Estate Winery, Walla Walla

Bergevin Lane Vineyards, Walla Walla

Browne Family Vinyards, Walla Walla

Bunchgrass Winery, Walla Walla

Buty, Walla Walla

Canoe Ridge Vineyard, Walla Walla

Cayuse Vineyards, Walla Walla

Charles Smith Wines, Walla Walla

Chateau Rollat Winery, Walla Walla

Gino Cuneo Cellars, Walla Walla

Seven Hills Winery, Walla Walla

Va Piano Vineyards, Walla Walla

Yellow Hawk Cellar, Walla Walla