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Seattle Area

Seattle is technically part of the Puget Sound AVA, but there is a concentration of wineries within Seattle that I wanted to call out.  These wineries source their grapes from vineyards in eastern Washington with the exception of a few of the Bainbridge Island wineries.

People who are new to Washington wine country, or who have not been wine touring before, should keep in mind that some of the wineries within Seattle and Woodinville are in "unconventional" settings, warehouse buildings, industrial parks, strip malls... the outsides are unique, but have no reflection whatsoever on the wine quality or settings inside. It's purely a function of location.  Wineries make their homes outside of the vineyards simply because it's where the people and often the winemakers/owners themselves live.

If you're local, or a visitor with a car, there is a concentration of wineries just south of downtown that offer excellent wines and a fun and inviting experience close to the city.

If you're visiting Seattle, step on board the Bainbridge Island Ferry and take a quick ride (20 minutes) to three winery tasting rooms within walking distance. No car necessary and this wonderful day trip is a beautiful way to really get to know Seattle. Bainbridge Island has wonderful shops, tasting rooms and restaurants just a few blocks from the ferry terminal.

Almquist Family Vintners, Seattle

Animale, Seattle

Animale, Seattle Area

Bainbridge Island Vineyards & Winery, Bainbridge Island

Barrique, Seattle

Bartholomew Winery, Seattle

Cadence Winery, Seattle

Cloud Lift Cellars, Seattle

Crucible Wines, Seattle

Domanico Cellars, Seattle

Eight Bells Winery, Seattle

Eleven, Bainbridge Island

Elsom Cellars, Seattle

Fall Line Winery, Seattle

Falling Rain, Seattle

Falling Rain Cellars, LLC, Seattle

Kerloo Cellars, Seattle

Laurelhurst Cellars, Seattle

Nota Bene Cellars, Seattle

OS Winery, Seattle

Perennial Vintners, Bainbridge Island

Pine Lake Cellars, Seattle

Scarborough Winery, Seattle Area


Sous Sol Winery, Seattle

Stomani Cellars and Winery, Seattle

Structure Cellars, Seattle

Two Brothers Winery, Seattle

Victor Alexander Winery, Bainbridge Island

Ward Johnson Winery, Seattle, Seattle Area

Wilridge Winery and Vinyard, Seattle