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Horse Heaven Hills

For decades, the Horse Heaven Hills has been home to dozens of vineyards. Columbia Crest was the sole winery located here, but in the past 5 or so years vineyard owners established the Horse Heaven Hills AVA and built wineries with tasting rooms to show off the fruits of their labor (pun intended). Of Washington's 100 point wines, the first 3 were made with grapes from this region.

This winery touring region is easily accessed through Prosser, making that town a good hub for a weekend getaway. You can also travel north from the Columbia River/ Oregon border. For instance, coming from the Tri-Cities travel south to the border and visit Columbia Crest andChateau Champoux Tours & Tasting and keep heading west through the Columbia Gorgewinery area. Or you can head north to the other wineries of the Horse Heaven Hills. Browse the wineries of the Horse Heaven Hills below, or read more about the Horse Heaven Hills AVA.